I was born and raised in Baku, Azerbaijan and my journey as an artist started from such a cliché place as I felt alone and depressed in the first year of Computer Engineering when I was 18, so I started making paintings about love and my lovers, or loneliness as it would happen after they left me.


Four years later, I moved to Nottingham, UK to study BA Fine Arts in NTU and I think, it was a time in my life when my practice took a new shape in different medium and context. As getting used to the English lifestyle and its very western culture, I became more interested in the representation of my identity, culture and politics. As I never really knew that I can make works relating my people, culture, governmental power and human rights. I mean, I never knew that I am allowed to make a social commentary about my country.

My practice examines the contrasts between the East and the West, related to subject matter around femininity/masculinity, public/private life, human rights and politics, and bridging the spaces between these subjects. I work with a variety of materials to fabricate my ideas, taking the form of monologues (sometimes dialogues but with another me in it) through green screen filming and use of sculpture, digital apps - displayed as a single channel video projection and clashed installations.

**Abdullayev will be showing work with New Contemporaries in the John Moore Institute as part Liverpool Biennale. HIs work, Only one you (or 24 reasons why you are still here) will also be included in TOMBOY's upcoming event lgbt+F: planet 2028. Both will take place in July 2018**


future plans

I guess, my practice took a position of the reporter of my people and communicator to the outside world. Art has become my own luxury to tell the truth. I intend to make works to show the voice and opportunity I have been given in the UK, and share it with the world, even if I have to exhibit in the West only for now.