anisa jackson

Anisa Jackson (b. 1995) is an artist, writer, educator and organizer based in Seattle, WA. ​


With a background in geography, Anisa’s research-based practice draws on care ethics and black feminist thought.  Their work has appeared as installation, moving image, and as print and digital text.  Lately, they are concerned with visualizing often-invisible relations of power, how their art practice dramatically shifts in relation to access to materials, and their finstagram. 

Disinter, Collaboration with Victoria Harrell

Extra Mild, Collaboration with Mel Carter for the Blush Room


Currently I am working on a handful of projects that will be on view in Seattle, Portland, and London over the course of 2018.  


Upcoming publications include written contributions to a zine on Seattle’s Black Panther Party chapter in honor of the chapter’s 50th anniversary and a risographed collection of maps and essays.


I am a part of a collective called, miXed, and together we are working on a new podcast series as well as the next volume of our zine, Please Tell Me More About Myself, with the theme: Movement, Migration, & Diaspora.