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9 march 2018

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This time 11 years ago.


We would’ve still been reeling from the most controversial Celebrity Big Brother ever to enter the UK, watching the treatment of “the equivalent of Angelina Jolie”, Shilpa Shetty, unfold. Everyone was glued to the blatant racism emanating from our television screens like it was our one and only chance to see a brown person forefronted on a channel other than Brit Asia.


I remember a Year 8 me and fellow brown girls fighting with our otherwise white friends in Food Tech about the race war. Friendships were lost for at least one whole day.

Jade + Shilps squabbling over chicken coobs*

Recently, the same victim became the ultimate traitor. It’s been a few months now since she, along with Salman Khan on separate occasions, remarked about feeling or appearing low-caste when they feel unaccomplished or undesirable. She described looking like a Bhangiat home and when the community got their effigy-burn on, she graced us with this generic rambling:


I feel betrayed because I feel stupid.  There’s no regret about the support I gave Shilps 11 years ago when she was facing racial abuse, but have parent-level disappointment for her comments towards a community she perceives to be better than on literally no basis other than an inaccurate, birthrighted occupation.


But it’s okay, because now a move to use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to track casteist atrocities is to be put in place. It’s said to have the potential to reduce social stigmas and inequalities in India by 2030.


It’s also apparently a birthday present - if we were boys in real life and not just in spirit this is how the b’day whatsapp greeting would look: 


Crime Map-ish

Law enforcement groups essentially use crime maps to track patterns of crime geographically - and this is basically the AI plan too. So many, too many cases of caste violence go amiss, so it is cute to implement ways of monitoring it’s whereabouts.

The use of AI in case of atrocities can take away police power of not registering cases, a simple mobile app will not just record the atrocity but it will notify all government machineries at the same time. A use of facial recognition technology can alert not just police about the crime happening but it will identify the perpetrator.*2

^^ This is nice, but I have some ??s: 


*2 Deelip Mhaske of the Foundation for Human Horizon (USA) told a new agency via: