kashish saini


I am mostly a painter, like I said it’s where it all started for me, I spent a lot of time working on the skill; but after coming to London I started giving more time to working with photography and digital drawings.

My work is usually about themes of family and childhood. I have so many questions for my Ma that I try to answer with my art. It’s about finding the smaller things in life and highlighting them, about making connections and peeling the layers of life on a canvas.

‘The Squishers’ another very colorful piece of work, celebrates gluttony and is a representation of our very consumerist humanity. I am very passionate about working with overwhelming sizes and spaces.

My name is Kashish Saini, and most of my friends know me as Kash. ‘Beeta’ was my mother’s nickname and when I decided to give myself an artist name I thought it would be appropriate because, in a lot of ways, I feel like I’m taking forward her charisma and beauty as she physically can’t.

I grew up in Mumbai, India and it was a beautiful childhood. At the age of 14 losing my mother made me want to take my art seriously, I found that painting was the only way I could process all that information. I did A-level art and design and last year I came to London, UK to pursue a BA in fine art at UAL.

Every month when I get my period I go into a phase of creating stuff that comes straight from the pain in my abdomen, I would say ‘menstruation’ and female bodies is a concept I’m going to further explore. Recently I finished a commissioned piece of work – ‘Nataraja’ This 2m x 2.5m painting is going to be put in a yoga studio in France. The dance of the colors in this painting with the subject itself is a huge representation of my culture and identity.

future plans

After finishing my BA in Fine Art, I think I’d like to go back home for a while and create a body of work revolving around my home and my roots. I would also like to travel to more places and respond to the experiences I have by creating.

Another thing I might dabble with is, the education system, I want to work closely with art students doing A-levels, and help change the system so that it makes them, not breaks them.