23 november 2017

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Birmingham is the true curry-scented bitch. 


It’s a fact.

With the Balti Triangle that I’ve never actually had to know as geographically real (because: 24hr access to authetic punjabi cuisine at home) to the massively populated demographic of South Asian livelihood, there is no questioning the amount of brown history seeping through the very foundations of many of the buildings we overlook, food we scoff and experiences we exchange here.


Charging  past, I suddenly found warmth in Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery and randomly came across a flyer with thatfont. In fact, I was intrigued by upcoming show Coming Out*, and although the names of the artists involved had me rolling-pin my eyes, my desperation for discourse forced me to give in. 


My sexuality brought me to the door, and my colour made me stay. More than anything, the idea of seeing two shows in one day that might speak to me impactively had these loins aching.


The curry monster in the back of my mind soon whipped their parandi at me though, and reminded me that this wasn’t going to be any different. Why would it be? Is there ground-breaking discourse going on that I’m unaware of?


In my curry-scented dreams.


I'm inside. As I walk through the glass door I grow excited by the amount of Uncles and Aunties that I can see in the distance.


On the walls I mean, not actual brown bodies walking around an art institution. Don’t be silly. 


To my immediate left:

First of all: Roger MASTER, the B~A~NGALI. 

Even worse (next page):

*Coming Out will feature over 80 modern and contemporary artworks by internationally renowned artists who explore themes of gender, sexuality and identity in art: 2 Dec - 15 Apr 2018, Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery, UK