deborah findlater


I'm a video artist, filmmaker, writer & DJ from Croydon, South London. I studied History with Film Studies as an undergrad at University of Essex before going on to do an MA in Experimental Film at Kingston University.

Thematically, I explore a multitude of issues related to working class Blackness in Britain & Black


I began making video art with found (ripped internet) footage to dissect how narrative is constructed. Ever increasingly, I’m working with the material forms of analogue film and tape. My short film ‘Small Axes’ was shot on super 8 and encapsulates the work I do with children and education, as well as how important play is to my life and practice. Having previously worked on the collective SYFU there’s a tinge of activism, collaborative and community based practice running through my work.

future plans

Current developments are my grad film which is an ever mutating project, however I can say it’s about UK Garage, time, memory, nostalgia, nightlife, luxury, class, materialism and desire.

I also have a first solo show which will be in November at Cubitt Gallery. The core video work is formed from something I wrote back in 2013 so it’s truly exciting for that to evolve from very private to very public.

Generally, more of my words, more of my voice, and more performance - both live and recorded. More being present and fully embodied in real life spaces. More movement. More physical manifestations of things I imagined.