Demi Nandhra is a neurodiverse live artist based in Birmingham. She deals with the dichotomy of accepting and resisting her mental illness, the trauma of migrant experience, displacement and family addiction, as well as resisting neo-capitalism and white supremacy’s desire for collective depression and shame. Demi performs in theatres, galleries and bed. Demi loves dogs and will look after yours if you want. xxx


I say my work examines collective sadness, cultural binaries, vulnerabillites and silences of pained circumstances. I think what I really want to say is just the word: shame.

By this, I refer to a personal/political shame of self and how it can eat you alive. So, lets just say, I make work for liberation of shame; for myself/you/all to feel at home in my/your/all body (this is the important bit) in any context. My current project, Im sick and tired of being sick is about POC, QTPOC, WOMXN of colour, mental illness and radical liberation. A interdisciplinary look/dissect/remould of care, liberation and mental health for identities that are policed, denied and erased within white supremacy.



I hold myself accountable to action, resistance, care and rest. I hold others in power accountable for their action in shame, destruction and pain. I create and fucking sustain a live art platform within Birmingham with the sole intention of serving brown/black beings.