I’m Emily Mulenga. I was born in 1991 in the Midlands. I got my BA in Fine Art from Birmingham City University in 2013 and have been a practicing artist since. In September 2018 I was awarded the Frank Bowling scholarship from Chelsea College of Arts, London, where I am undertaking my MA in Fine Art until December 2019.



My practice incorporates a variety of media including video, digital media, installation, painting and other analog media. I am currently interested in ideas around pleasure and anxiety experienced as a millennial woman, and questions of autonomy, nature and technology. My latest installation pieceMoney. Pussy. Future.​ presents a jarring mix of the digital and the rudimentary; of garish colours and natural tones; and slick confidence interwoven with anxious preoccupations.

I have previously explored themes including the nature of consumption in an age when it is possible for everyone to become simultaneously producers and distributors; the use of technology to influence and track the physical body; and imagining worlds in which my digital avatar is presented with an escapist utopia where she can thrive. I also design my own range of emojis based on my avatar.

future plans

I am currently focused on completing my masters degree, expanding my audience and pushing my practice to the next level. I envision continuing to experiment with different media and making crossovers into other industries via collaboration.