My name is Kayleigh aka Postgap12. I am an illustrator born and raised in London and I love using colour to convey moods that words can’t describe! I also love drawing girls that cry or look like they are daydreaming as I feel like they are the best depictions of my mood 24/7. And in case it wasn’t obvious, yes, I am a pisces :)

I would consider myself to be an illustrator, leaning more towards editorial work but I definitely have a penchant for creating personal, visual-diary like illustrations.

Now that I’ve finished university (*sobs*), my main focal point is creating impulsive, self-observational art that reflects my own experiences right now. Overall, my illustrations tend to have undertones of my fascination with love, sadness, technology and astrology. I also have a weird obsession with the word ‘vacancy’ and I have yet to figure out why. 

future plans

For now my main priority will be illustrating a set of poems I wrote last year called Spectrum- each colour I chose represents the colours I saw and felt during a break up I went through. I also have literally hundreds of typed up visual concepts on my phone that I aim to illustrate now that I have more time. They range from the melancholy I felt on my year abroad to the hopeless feeling that manifests itself when you're trying to navigate through your sexual identity.  

I also hope to start delving more into photography as I truly have a vision of seeing some of my artwork come to life in this format.