...a freelance artist and designer based in Brooklyn, NY. I was born in Queens, raised in Saudi Arabia and identify as Pakistani.

Growing up in a world of rhetoric, cultural existences have spawned my desire to demystify flawed pretenses, especially as they manifest in the realm of womanhood. For this reason, my work discusses the interactions and observations of occurrences and their impact on an environment marginalized by the compulsory education system.

My stories are constantly beingtold and retold around issues of personal identity, the body, sociality and agency. They are manipulated and controlled through related photographs, illustrations, videos and animations. Through careful consideration of these actions at play, institutions of power present themselves—not prompted, merely exposed.





Most of my time now is spent working as a freelance designer. However,

I have been collaborating with fellow artists in my time available! It has

been uplifting to unify these experiences and I hope to do more of that in

the near future.