lgbt + F: planet 2028

Planet 2028 is an LGBT+-centric event which considers the shaping of queer futures through digital media and performance. This will be TOMBOY’s first public event, held in mid July at LUX, London. Viewers can expect an impactive and fabulous night of film, performance and illustration celebrating intersectional LGBT+ experiences.                                                                     SEE BELOW FOR OUR PROGRAMME OF ARTISTS

part I

A collection of works by illustrator, Catherine Paiano, which highlight past + present representations of the LGBT+ community and raise questions about the future of our discourse. 

A reel of videos from a spectrum of artists/filmmakers, the majority of which pertain to the lived experience of POC LGBT+ persons. 

part II

part Iii

An interactive performance by Sandy Bhamra, debuting a character who is one personification of their DJing under the name Sabhera. The actions performed will draw connections between their practice as a DJ and their practice as someone with a memory and a body that exists: They will, as this character, perform, or lead, an open, participatory medley through their past “best-of” moments so far as a cultural practitioner-cum-artist.