navi kaur

Navi Kaur (b. 1993) is an artist based in Birmingham, UK.


A photographic series consisting of things, keepsakes and food items that create a narrative between childhood memories and emotional attachments between Navi, her grandparents and their home. Each item has its own story which evokes a moment of happiness for the artist and reliability for the audience.

Navi is currently exploring the malleability of culture through developing a series of participatory pop-up restaurant style evening meals with her Budimom and has recently hosted her first event as part of Upstairs Downstairs, a group MA show at The CET Building, Coventry.

future plans

Navi is also planning a trip to the Punjab with her grandparents in February 2018, with the intention of investigating and documenting her Baba Ji’s (Grandfather) family history. Post partition and migration to the Midlands in the late 50s meant her grandfather was separated from many of his family members and is unaware of whether his relatives are still alive.

Things That Remind Me of Home, 2017 (solo show)

​27 November 2017 –

20 January 2018

She often comments on the migrant experience, specifically around journeys, environment, storytelling and documentary. Inspired by an archive of family photographs found in her grandparents home, she produces work in response to the lives they have built here in the UK, encompassing their faith and daily regimes, working predominantly through the process of digital photography and film. A close subject, her Budimom (Grandmother), Surinder, acts as a vantage point in understanding Kaur's own heritage and culture through feelings of displacement in organised environments, highlighting the importance of celebrating cultural diversity through cross collaboration.

Navi is currently exhibiting at The GAP Arts Project in Balsall Heath, Birmingham.