Sara Gulamali (b. 1997) is a visibly muslim, British Pakistani muslim, studying Fine Art at Central Saint Martins. I dream of a world when someone would offer me a better choice of non-alcoholic drink than orange juice at a private view.

sara gulamali

My work moves across mediums, it can be social, physical, digital. So long as it has an ability to engage or form dialogue about issues that interest or relate strongly to aspects of myself. Playing around with my dual identities whilst staying true to my humour and love for popular culture. And of course everything has to be Instagram friendly. Instagram is my life. “

My practice began as a self exploration about how the muslim diaspora effects second/third generation children to immigrant parents and how we respond to holding on to our faith and culture in this society. The struggle of integrating, without feeling like an ‘other’, when you may act or look different to your peers.



I'm currently working on an online collaborative photo documentary project ’Muslim Sisterhood’ with two other POC creatives Lamisah Khan and Zeinab Saleh. The project aims to capture the diversity of Muslim women living in London. As the project grows, we hope to see these photos showcased in an exhibition sometime this year!