A Yemeni-Emirati experimental performance artist, director and educator from Abu Dhabi, UAE. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre from NYU Abu Dhabi and Master of Fine Arts in Theatre from Towson University. She is deeply dedicated to creating performances and constructing live images that unearth the unspoken of. Currently based in Baltimore, MD.



To print the Munfaletat Manifesto! To take up physical space in Arabic text and then use it as a script for an immersive performance that will take place in Tucson, Arizona and New York City. 


I call my personal practice an exploration of an Islamo-futuristic movement, one that allows for queer and brown bodies to make the invisible, visible. 

Munfaletat Manifesto- Performalecture.jp


My process of fascination begins with delving into my memory, loosely pulling apart the most vivid parts and then mapping them out. This is how my work in image making began as a multidisciplinary performance artist. A giant clown whose body is filled with mirrors that an audience can walk through or a floating hand in a lukewarm bloody bath. This exploration of live imagery looks combines forms such as installation, sound design and performance art to assemble a narrative much like a childhood dream. When creating, I like to live somewhere between reality and a dreamscape I could have only imagined in my sleep. 

Masjid Al-Munfaletat is an Islamo-Futuristic Immersive experience following the re-imagined lives of three women: Qandeel Baloch, Dina Ali Lasloom and Loujain Al Hathloul. Masjid Al Munfaletat borrows from the physical interior architecture and cultural practices of mosques and musallahs to reimagine a beginning of an Islamic feminine future, one that is free of masculine reign. In this performance, it functions as a refuge for these three women who are honored as martyrs. This was first performed at Towson University, MD in April of 2018. 

Munfaletat Manifesto continues the concept of the ‘Munfaleta’ (An Arabic word that carries connotations of looseness, immorality, revolt and chaos in a feminine body). This is a literary and performative exploration using Arabic poetry and visual projections to dissect reclaimed social classifications. It is both a love letter and a proclamation of power in Arabic. This was first performed at Queens Museum in September of 2018. 

Masjid Al-Munfaletat.png