• Presenting a self-awareness of the ethnic self in a digital space. This othered self, is comprised of four key components of minority: race, gender, caste and sexuality.

  • The use of photo/static image becomes impactive to the work in it’s own right. A small contribution added, dissected and manipulated to several others, both captured photographs and disparate online material, as a way of luring audiences into seeing ‘the bigger picture’ - quite literally.​


  • Saturated satire of the music video as a form of short film.

  • Meta-marketing - humouring the idea of self-marketing as currency by self-marketing.

  • An evolving of my existing work, which will continue to hone in on particular themes but will very much imitate and mimic the form of a music video.

  • Manipulating the expectation of the kind of creative practitioner to have a music video etc, with space taken up by a brown dyke body with no singing ability whatsoever other than the hymns quietly hummed at her low-caste-only temple.


The founding of TOMBOY came from a lack in my life - lack of facilities, lack of services, lack of motivation, lack of help, lack of community, lack of drive, lack of reference. As a moving image artist, it's important for me to keep in mind what I can offer as a facilitator and what I need as an artist without forgetting what I needed as a brown, low-caste lesbian growing up in Birmingham - all in an effort to extend what wasn't made available to me. 

This is why we focus particularly on digital media as a convo-filter and recognise the need to platform such practices, in addition to shifting art traffic from London to non-London within the UK.

future plans

I have an upcoming group show, 'The Range' @ Eastside Projects called - which starts from 25 January until the end of April. Other than this, I'll be continuing to spearhead TOMBOY with even more focus on developing and facilitating space and opportunity in areas outside of London and beyond.