Her current project, ‘Surah Nur ayah 30 – 31’ focuses on the relationship between the historical and contemporary context of the hijab. A continuation of ‘The hijab and I’, Surah Nur looks closely at sections of the Quran in relation to the hijab. Thinking about the different meanings of the hijab, Mavish aims to educate and question her audiences understanding of the hijab.


Thanya Mavish is a Birmingham based multidisciplinary artist. Born and bred in Birmingham, she completed her Foundation Diploma at Coventry university before returning home to do a BA in Fine Art. She graduates with a 1st class honours from Birmingham City University. Her work has been exhibited locally at the International Project Space, Medicine Gallery and Vivid Projects.

Through the use of textiles, photography and video Mavish explores issues around her own subconscious self-identity, family and the complexity religion. As a young Pakistani Muslim woman, she’s aware of the misconceptions the western media have around her identity. The work she creates aims to open up dialogues around them and educate people. Researching feminist discourse, historical aspects of Islam and continuous conversations with her family have been pivotal for the development of Mavish ideas, evidently present within her work.


Currently im preparing some work for the 4th issue of Hymen Magazine [I think theyre a mainly Instagram based magazine but they also do print copies]. And ofcourse im working on being able to live off the art I love to make (the dream, no?) I also have plans to do a masters but I want to develop my practise and find my feet outside of the education system first.